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The Emerald Pools, a series of spring-fed pools nestled at the feet of Zion's cliffs, are one of Zion's most popular attractions. Between the upper and lower pools, waterfalls flow off a hundred-foot cliff into the lower pool. The cliff curves around the end of the canyon like a sidways arch, and is deeply undercut, allowing the trail to pass between the cliff and the waterfall. The flow of water is small, just a thin ribbon of water, with a shower of drips around it. When there is a breeze, the water will fall unpredictably, often surprising hikers with a sudden shower.

After passing under the cliff and the waterfall, the trail loops around to the top of the cliff where two small pools feed the waterfall from above. The Upper Pool is some distance further up the canyon from there, right at the base of thousand-foot cliffs which stand directly overhead.

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